Moments in Morocco

Clibing up to a terrace during my first hours in Morocco, I was amazed with the view I could get from there. A miriad of other terraces, the tall minaret towers, a garden of parabolic antenas, the neighbour hanging his clothes, together with the sounds of the streets. There, I decided I would document the view over the balconies and terraces I would visit. Here they are, complemented with a few more quick shots. :)

Terrace view over Tangier

Terrace view over Tangier


Roof and moutain tops in Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen's Blue

Chefchaouen’s blue

The mountains over the village.

The mountains over the village.


A path in a sunny day

A stop with a mosque.

A stop with a mosque


Fez, the old Borj Nord and the new Hotel

Hardworking, strong smelling tanneries

Hardworking, strong smelling, tanneries in Fez

Sunset over Fez

Sunset over Fez

Goodbye Tangier, farewell Morocco

Goodbye Tangier, farewell Morocco


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